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Hey, since I’ve only been intermittently (at best) writing posts on here, I’m just going to put my research posts over on my other blog, and I may write a quick post on here with the title of what was posted and the gist of what it is about, just so if I have other posts on top of it you can do a search and it will be accessible. I may one day come back over here, if my life becomes unbusy, but considering this summer is as unbusy as it gets, I highly doubt that will happen. ­čśŤ So I’m going to be posting at http://rinielsmusings.wordpress.com.


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So I’m really busy during my last week of school and haven’t had time to write. However, for some reason, I wrote this on a comment on a different blog, because I found it extremely interesting. I’ve been writing a report on Mt. St. Helens that I have to present tomorrow, and while this isn’t in the report, I did find it interesting.

There was an area with a radius of 60 miles where absolutely nothing was heard. Scientific-y stuff made simple(keep in mind that sound waves travel faster in warmer air and tend to be refracted toward cooler temperatures), the sound waves bent upward toward cooler air at high altitudes, hit about fifteen miles where air temperatures began to rise because of the sun, and were refracted back toward the ground, about the shape of a flattened doughnut. The sound continued to bounce back and forth, so there were alternating zones of loud and quiet at increasing distances from the volcano. Awesome, huh?

Random science fact of the day: check. ^_^

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Riniel’s Musings

Since my blog isn’t necessarily for my writing endeavors, I decided to create different┬áblog for my books and random musings or personal posts. The new site is http://rinielsmusings.wordpress.com. There I will post my book and works in progress and other posts mentioned above. GalvanizingTruth will now be solely dedicated to apologetics in history and science, and Bible studies. While I’d like to keep everything on one blog, everything is irrelated, so I figured it would be best to separate the two subjects. rinielsmusings is currently ‘under construction’, as the internet likes to call it, so while you can access it, right now it is currently a little bit sketchy. But it will be fine in a day or two, if all goes well.

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My friend got this from one of his friends and shared it on his blog, so I’m going to share it on mine, because I find it very valuable and sweet. ^_^

In other randomness, I am re-editing a book I wrote a while ago. Only one other person has read it, and after he had finished reading it, he said he was exactly like on of the main characters. At that point in time, I didn’t necessarily see the correlation. However, as I finish rereading the story, I realize that he is exactly like the main character. But the creepy part is that I met him after I created said character. Really, really weird…

I took the SAT on Saturday, and I believe that went well. I now just have to wait a couple weeks to get my scores back, which I am sure will drive me insane. I also performed for the first time with a mix of our church band, the High School band, and our church band’s leader’s band (making sense?) at a small youth gathering where we did some worship and had a message. It was truly an amazing and fun night, and I felt so honored to be able to help with something like that.

I have a Calc 2 test Thursday that I’m terrified about. Integration is certainly not an easy topic. Other than that, life seems to be going pretty well. I’m finally back in my piano mood, which I haven’t been in for months, and am working on a song somebody suggested I learn many months ago. It’s somewhat difficult, but fun to play, so I can’t wait to put it all together and record it.

And I think that’s about all that’s going on in my life thus far. We shall see what the future holds!

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Stephanie, and I’ve been planning on starting to write a blog for a while now.┬á In this blog, the majority of posts will be examining the evidence for Christianity by studying science and some history. I hope you read and find it interesting, and if you disagree, I ask that you’d please┬ácomment and explain your side.┬á If you agree, that’s awesome, too. Other than that, feel free to┬ácomment and ask questions. ^_^

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